I grew up in Red Wing, Minnesota, and after high school I went to college at the University of Wisconsin River Falls and the University of Minnesota. After college my wife and I drove with our two small children to Alaska. We fell in love with the state and stayed for thirteen years while I worked in the construction business. We had two more children and really enjoyed raising our family in Alaska.

In 1984 we returned to Red Wing. I needed to find a job. My old college roommate talked to me about selling insurance. He had just started the week before. Soon my job was to talk to people who were turning 65 and going on Medicare so I could help find the best Medicare supplement for each person.

This became my profession and remains so today. What I’ve learned is that I really enjoy working with people and helping them find good solutions to meet their insurance needs.

I’ve also learned that one of my strengths is being a patient listener. Everybody I meet has a story to tell. People talk about their families, their hardships, their health, their favorite pastimes, and their needs.

I feel blessed to have met and worked with thousands of people whom I would not have had a chance to meet otherwise. I’m good at making connections—like finding the best plan to meet a client’s individual needs. Usually we have fun doing it, and afterward people often say something like, “That was easier than I thought it would be” or “You explained everything so clearly.”

Transitions can be stressful. My job is to relieve that burden and find simple, workable solutions for you.

Most of my business comes from people referring others to me. Really, this makes me feel great; it means clients are satisfied with the products and services that they receive at the Rodger Pirius Agency.

I hope you’ll contact me; I look forward to helping you bridge the gaps in your insurance coverage.